Madeira Library!

Madeira Library

For the 1st time, in the Madeira Startup Retreat, we made a Madeira Library and it was a fun and prolific networking time.

We invited 10 entrepreneurs, in the Madeiran business panorama, to share, individually, with each participating team, general information about Madeira and Porto Santo.

On the 28th of October, we wanted to focus on different themes so we chose the themes and gave each entrepreneur a theme where they should emphasize.


The Idea was that each team netted to know more details about the island, through people that dominate the theme in the Region, increase the network of contacts in the region and leverage possible synergies and partnerships in Madeira, eg. information, data, contacts, ideas, recommendations, you name it.

A big THANK YOU to all the entrepreneurs that accepted this challenge.

Hotel & Events Sector we had Alexandra Viveiros – Operations | Unit Supervisor @ Pestana CR7 Funchal.


Marketing & Communication we had Bárbara Rodrigues – Manager @ BRB Creative Agency.


Entrepreneurship & Ecosystem we had Carlos Soares Lopes – CEO @ Startup Madeira.


Tourism we had Cátia Caires – Técnica Superior @ Secretaria Regional de Turismo e Cultura.


Gastronomy we had Filipe Janeiro – CEO & Chef @ Seu-Chef and Adrianne Zino – Co-founder & Sales and Marketing Communication @ Seu-Chef


Leisure & Activities we had Jhonathan Rodrigues – CEO @ Madeira Adventure Kingdom.


Seamless Tourism & Technology we had Lígia Gonçalves – Founder & Front-end Developer @ WalkMe Mobile Solutions.


Sport & Community we had Luís Calado – Business Development Representative @ Momentive.ai.


Blockchain, Culture & Tourism we had Maurício Marques – Co-Founder and CEO @ Yacooba 


Regenerative Tourism & Sustainability we had Philippe Moreau – Hotel Development | Regenerative Tourism | Social Sustainability @ Greener Act.


Check out all of the photos HERE!