RE-expand your IMPACT

RE-expand your IMPACT

During week 4 we did not have a program, it was the same time as the Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon, so we decided not to invite mentors so we could give the opportunity to the startupper’s to attend this venue, consistently one of the biggest and most popular conferences in the World. 

It was a little bit more relaxed but still with a lot of networking and with the focus on other important processes for each of them. 

Week 5 started, and we all were eager for it! 

It was dedicated to Foster Company Culture & Define and Measure Objectives.

On November 8th, our startupper’s welcomed Cécile Roger – Country Manager Portugal @ Ignition Program.

The day started with a flash pitch for of each startup, so the mentor could have the first impression on them.

After this first presentation, the mentor talked about her professional career and how she started on ignition Program.


Their goal is to facilitate the HR hyper-growth of the best startups and scaleups in the ecosystem, through the recruitment and retention of their human talents: selection of the top 5% among 2000+ monthly candidates with the skills, the entrepreneurial spirit AND with the culture and values of the startup.

The aim of this workshop was All about People, how to Attract, Motivate & Retain.

 The mentor focused on how to source, select, and close the hiring process. We need to identify the most important skills and values for our company. Then fill positions around those needs instead of just hiring one employee to replace another.

It was highlighted the importance that this process has in a Startup, like Steve jobs said:

“When you’re in a startup, the first 10 people will determine whether the company succeeds or not. Make sure you’re hiring only A-players.

Today’s workers want to feel valued, too. We need to show our appreciation for them through employee-recognition programs, performance bonuses and comfortable work environments.

When employees can respect and trust the leadership team, they feel secure. Leaders who are accessible; can communicate well; give honest reports; and listen to employees are key to job satisfaction.

Keeping this top talent is not an easy task, and what may have kept people in their jobs before, isn’t always the right answer for today. Therefore, it’s important for employers to continue enhancing their workplace culture and reinforcing the message that they care about and appreciate their employees.

At the end of the morning, Cécile divided our startups into groups of 3 people, from different startups, and we did a group exercise.

The goal was to answer to 3 questions, and then share and give feedback on each answer


In the afternoon we continued with Cécile, mentoring one by one with our Startups.




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