RE-expand your IMPACT 2.0

RE-expand your IMPACT 2.0

Continuing our Week 5, on November 9th, our startupper’s welcomed Fernando jardim – Founder @ Tripr

The mentor gave a workshop about Growth Hacking & Marketing, it consisted on strategies to grow your followers, viewers and customers.

Fernando introduced himself and talked a little bit about his professional trajectory.

Workshop: Growth Hacking & Marketing  Fernando Nahat Jardim > Founder – Tripr

This workshop consisted on the Pirate Metrics: AARRR, an acronym for a set of five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.

Acquisition  – How are people discovering our product or company?

Activation – Are these people taking the actions we want them to?

Retention – Are our activated users continuing to engage with the product?

Referral – Do users like the product enough to tell others about it?

Revenue- Are our personas willing to pay for this product?

It’s the pillar of understanding your customers, their journey and optimizing your funnel as well as setting some valuable and actionable metric goals for your startup.

AARRR is widely accepted as the five most important metrics for a startup to focus on. That is because these metrics effectively measure your company’s growth while at the same time being simple and actionable.

“It’s better to have 100 people love you than to have 1000000 people like you. ” – Brian Chesky CEO AIRBNB

It was a really engaging and interesting morning, the mentor also talked about some platafforms and for what we should use them.

We started the mentoring one by one at the end of the morning and continued during the afternoon.




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