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Madeira Startup Retreat | 5th > Demo Day

On May 17th, our startuppers welcomed Gil Belford – Head of Strategic Partnerships @ Stealth Startup, as their mentor.

Gil helped the entrepreneurs to Improve Sales, and gave a workshop on “Is the Business Model Prepared for Growth?”, which consisted of how to grow a business, and scale it, from the team perspective.

The topics covered startups early Stages (Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A), steps to take, and goals to achieve, to make the best decisions and set the right path, such as getting feedback from people to get insights on how to build the business and getting comfortable talking to strangers and hearing different opinions.


From the MArket Fit standpoint, Gil underlined that if we don’t do that “we can have a good product but sell it to the wrong people”, so it’s crucial to validate with them if we’re developing the right product and “if people are willing to pay for it”.

At a more advanced stage, the “Series A”, Gil explained the concepts of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), and Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and the connection between them, highlighting the importance of increaing value to increase the transaction frequency.

In addition, the mentor dedicated some time to explore the subjects of Talent Hiring, the Company’s Culture, and how the Why and OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) can help build in building a great team.

People don’t apply for a job because they like what we do, they apply because they like why we do it.”

But first, as usual, each startup did a 3-minute flash pitch, to shake the anxiety.


In the afternoon, each startup had a one-on-one mentoring session with Gil.




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