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Improving our travel experience!

Although it was windy and rainy outside, the 3 days of the 2nd Hackathon were creative and inspiring.

The idea was to come up with a solution to one of the two challenges that ANA Aeroportos de Portugal | VINCI Airports presented on the 1st day.

On the 2nd day, we started with an energizer, led by Tiago Santa Clara! Then it was time to meet new people that continue to give better insights on the situation and their daily work. For 3 hours, the startups had the opportunity to talk with Sónia Fernandez (Operational Management), Sandra Sousa (Information and Passengers Reception) and Manuel Sena (Frequent Flyer and co-founder at Weeel Frozen Yogurt).

After getting the most of the all of this new information, it was time to think about everything and choose one solution. It was the Incubation time. After it, it was all about working on the concept, prototyping, and validation. Patrícia Cuenca and Vera Chaves (imatch) helped the teams through all day long.

Finally, on the 3rd day, we all started with an energizer. What better way than singing “Wonderwall” altogether? Manuel Sena, gather everyone to talk about ‘”Do’s and Don’ts” and everyone got inspired to accomplish our dreams and golds.

After a pitch rehearsal, it was time show ANA Aeroportos de Portugal | VINCI Airports the solutions to one of the 2 challenges:

  1. How to enhance communication between all stakeholders so as to improve efficiency and minimize operational constraints whenever climate changes affect operations and terminal processes?
  2. How to create a socially responsible but commercially sustainable engagement with our passengers whenever climate changes affect operations and terminal processes?

It was a hard decision but the jury decided that the winner was… MyBaseCamp with Travel ID.

Congratulations to the winner and everyone who was part of this 2nd hackathon.