Earn your place

REinvent your PITCH & FUNDING!

The 8th week and the final one of the program was all dedicated funding and pitch.

On tuesday, March 6th, we welcomed Paulo Andrez and Filipe Portela.

Paulo Andrez, a Business Angel, talked to us about “Zero Risk Startups. 3F, Angels and VCs“. The President of Cascais Business Angels Club during all morning explained his role and the complexity of this competitive process. Did you know that investors refuse to invest in 97% of the deals? Apparently, that is what is happening, so Andrez gave us a few reasons why.

And why business angels do not invest in some deals? It may happen for different reasons, but mainly because the project had too many risks and the valuation was very high.

Paulo mentioned, as well, the 12 ways to reduce investment risk. While explaining each one, he talked about Shareholders agreement clauses that can potentially better protect the investor; the methods of valuation; identifying projects risks, …

Talking about risks, Paulo divided it by legal, financial, operational, mitigating project.

By afternoon we were introduced to Seedrs, by the Head of Business Development Iberia, Filipe R. Portela. Seedrs is the most active investor in UK private companies. It’s the world’s first equity crowdfunding platform to be authorized by a financial regulator. Named as a Bloomberg Business Inovator 2016, Seedrs offers an innovative and effective way for early-stage and growth businesses to raise capital and build their community.