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Let’s RE-boot our ENERGY!

The fourth week ended with a splash. Literally!

On Friday, March 1st, our startups went into open seas on a mission to watch some of the 28 species that live on this part of the Atlantic.

Rota dos Cetáceos, a company dedicated to the observation of whales and dolphins, took us out to the ocean in their semi-rigid inflatable boats. Guided by their look-outs, they headed us towards and amazing and mesmerizing group of Pilot Whales (Boca-de-Panela).

Besides seeing these pilot-wales in their natural habitat, our entrepreneurs enjoyed the breathtaking view of Madeira Island. And did we mention that swimming was a part of it?! Some of us were brave enough to dive into the sea ( with great temperature – 19ºC)


Great weather, gorgeous scenery, fresh air, and amazing animals in their natural habitat… After the Sprint, it was the best way to kick-off the 5th Week > RE-boot your ENERGY!