And now, let’s do a Kidá!

Week 5 is all about RE-booting your ENERGY!

After an extended weekend of relaxing and celebrating Carnival, it was time to add more fun and energy to the week.

On Wednesday, March 6th, our Local Host Ana Gouveia organized a Krav Maga class! The gold? > To help burn built-up energy and gain confidence and self-defense skills.

For such, we welcomed Andreio Carvalho, an instructor at GABI NOAH International KRAV MAGA Portugal – Madeira, the only school certified by the Israeli System and DGERT in Madeira Island.

Firstly, we started by greeting the instructor with a “Kidá!” (it is accompanied by a bow and means deep respect for the instructor, participants, and space of training).

Our entrepreneurs learned the basics of punching and slapping, defensive kicks, wrist release moves, and knife and firearm defensive techniques. And – honestly – , they would have kept punching and slapping each other until the end of the day if they could (with proper gear, of course)!

If you’re now curious practice it –  like our entrepreneurs were – you can join them!

Classes happen tuesdays and thursdays, 7 p.m. to 8.30p.m., at aexplica, in Armazem do Mercado, Funchal.