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Local Software & Technology Innovation … and RE-inventing Gastronomy!

Week 6 ‘RE-discover MONEY is officially on!

It all started on Monday, March 11th! We started by welcoming  Jorge Dias Fernandes, CEO of Expedita, and Luís Duarte Silva, CEO of XIS Group, to our retreat. 

After each startup’s pitch, Jorge Fernandes talked about the development of Expedita. From its first research projects (19 years ago) –  that shared the goal of creating an online marketplace for the tourism sector – to its current position as a major IT business in Madeira Island! Besides all this, and considering our startups, he explained their collaboration with several tourism projects.

On another hand, Luís Duarte Silva presented XIS Group, an IT company that develops innovative solutions by creating algorithms, collecting data, and managing technological systems with the purpose of optimizing it. With large portfolio examples, they are also building solutions in the areas of the Madeira Wine and the water supply network.

“An experience doesn’t have to be rich or luxurious; it has to be authentic!”

During the afternoon we welcomed Chef Octavio Freitas, executive chef for Four Views Hotels, who shared his experience and insights on the development of Culinary and Gastronomic Tourism in Madeira Island & Portugal.

“If in the past there was one concept for vacations, nowadays there are hundreds..”

The chef said that the choice of a vacation destination isn’t based on beaches and sunny weather anymore.. It’s now based on experiences that tourists want to take into their lives and share with their friends.

To sum up the day, we also welcomed during the afternoon Patrícias Dantas Caires, from the Regional Government of Madeira, and Nuno Agostinho, from AJEM.