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RE-discover MONEY!

Tuesday, March 12th, we kept the ball rolling on RE-discover MONEY week! We started it by giving a warm welcome to Pedro Monteiro de Barros, Head of Finance at Codacy.

Per usual, the day started with a pitch presentation from each startup, followed by our mentor’s talk about Startup Finances.

Pedro Barros presented his professional journey and how those experiences helped him learn and grow. He used Codacy as an example of the insights he brought to our entrepreneurs. But first, it was crucial to demonstrate how finance impacts the state of a startup, by sharing financial strategies that could overcome the most common reasons startups fail.

From knowing what to control and how, to what to outsource,… Pedro’s talk was packed with valuable advice information and tips. But no matter how much you prepare, “a financial plan is never right; adjustments are happening every time” – he pointed out.

Which is why tracking key metrics is important to understand what adjustments are necessary. As Pedro so wisely said, it is important to “keep track of your past so that you better predict the future”.

The afternoon was dedicated to mentoring sessions and, one by one, the startups got something as valuable as money out of this long day: Knowledge!