Retreat’s Plan & Objectives

On January 16th we welcomed Wendy van Leeuwen – Co-Founder of Secret City Trails – as the mentor  for each startup’s “Retreat’s Plan & Objectives“.

Wendy started by introducing herself and sharing her path, from her Masters in Management at NOVA SBE, having worked as a People Development Executive at Microsoft, and as an Internal Communications Manager for Carlsberg, Nike, and Booking.com. Eventually, she became the the Co-Founder and Product & Marketing Lead of Secret City Trails.


Each startup then presented themselves, covering who their team is, what they do, their business model, their recent successes and challenges, and finally why they are at Madeira Startup Retreat and what they hope to achieve with the program!

The next step was to define where they want to be and how they want to feel in 6 weeks, and in 6 months. This served as a stepping point for the task ahead: building their Business Growth Roadmap.

The Business Growth Roadmap consisted in setting overall business goals for each coming week, weekly milestones for the areas identified as important for the startup, and defining action steps towards achieving each milestone and designating who’s responsible for them.


To make the most out of the situation, during the afternoon our teams had one-on-one mentoring sessions with Wendy, not only to help them better achieve the goals of the exercises but also to take advantage of her valuable advice and expertise.


And is there a better way to end the day other than sharing the amazing results of a hard day’s  work?! Now is time to get ready for the 2nd week!